How to acclimatise koi to a new environment

It is crucial to acclimatise a koi to the water if you are returning or introducing it to your pond. You may have purchased a new fish, removed a fish temporarily for treatment, taken a fish to a show or built a new pond. In all cases, your koi should be acclimatised to the water. Continue reading “How to acclimatise koi to a new environment”

Japanese Koi Competitions

Koi are big business in Japan and 90 percent of the fish produced are exported. Hand-reared for their aesthetic qualities, koi have become a symbol of the country and a single prize specimen can sell for thousands of pounds. The fish recently hit the headlines worldwide when Donald Trump was snapped dumping a box of food into a Tokyo pond. Continue reading “Japanese Koi Competitions”

The Trump Dump Koi Scandal

During president Trump’s recent visit to Japan, he was invited to feed the koi at the Akasaka Palace, one of the two State Guesthouses of the Government of Japan. The prized fish have been viewed by a succession of world leaders including Margaret Thatcher. This seemingly innocuous aspect of the President’s trip sparked a media storm when images and video emerged which showed him dumping his entire box of fish food into the pond! Continue reading “The Trump Dump Koi Scandal”

Are Herons Killing Your Koi?

If you are lucky enough to have a koi pond there are several threats to your fish. One of these is most certainly a hungry heron. Koi provide a nutritious and substantial meal for herons and you could find that your fish are disappearing at an alarming rate. But what can you do about the situation? Could you kill the thieving heron, for instance? Continue reading “Are Herons Killing Your Koi?”

A New Kind of Swimming Pool

Have you ever dreamt of owning a wonderful dream house with a swimming pool in the garden? You probably have as few of us can resist the occasional bout of wishful thinking! But if you are planning on viewing a few country pads in the near future, you might discover that some of the luxurious properties now offer a pond instead of a pool. Continue reading “A New Kind of Swimming Pool”

Would You Rent a Goldfish?

It sounds like a rather unlikely concept doesn’t it? But a Belgian hotel has started to offer a goldfish rental service for lonely guests! Taking things a step further than video footage of an aquarium, the hotel is offering guests the chance to keep a goldfish in their rooms for the princely sum of for €3.50 a night! Continue reading “Would You Rent a Goldfish?”

What do Koi Eat?

How to Feed Your Koi

As with any species, it is essential to provide the correct diet for your koi. High quality food is a must and you should take care to neither over or under feed your fish. The temperature of the water will affect how much and how often your koi wish to eat. This is an important consideration which should never be overlooked. Continue reading “What do Koi Eat?”