different types of pond fish

There are many different types of pond fish that you can get for your garden pond. What fish you get really depends on your taste and how many different fish you want. The most popular pond fish are probably Koi and Goldfish, many UK ponds will be full of both these species. You need to take the size of your pond into consideration as some fish such as Koi can grow very large and will die in small ponds. It's best to have a variety of different fish who all add something different to your pond. Aim to get some bottom feeders as well as surface fish to ensure a good balance. If you aren't sure what fish to get here are some fish that you might find in a garden pond.


Koi are commonly found in garden ponds, they are extremely popular around the world. They grow very large, some can get up to three feet long. Your pond needs to be about 3ft deep if you want to fill it with Koi. They come in a wide range of impressive colours such as blue, red, yellow black and white.


Everyone has heard of the famous goldfish, this is another common fish species that is a favourite in the UK. They are named after their golden colour but are actually black when they are born. The average adult size of a UK goldfish is roughly 30 centimetres. Goldfish are probably one of the easiest types of fish to look after and will breed fairly easily in the right conditions.


If you want to keep the insects at bay then add some Orfe fish to your pond. They are surface feeders and will eat any insects that are hanging around. They come in two colours, gold and occasionally blue. Make sure your pond has plenty of oxygen as these fish require a good supply. They do better in faster moving water and are quite active fish, a lovely addition to any pond. They can also grow fairly large and will require a bigger pond than goldfish.


Rudd are smaller than Orfe and like to live in shoals. These withdrawn fish are actually quite shy and are well suited to most garden ponds. They can become more confident in larger groups. They are popular in Europe and Asia.


Shubunkins look fairly similar to goldfish, the main difference being they come in lots of different colours. The most common colours you will see are combinations of red, blue and grey. They are quite easy to look after and have a peaceful temperament.

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