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There are 22 principle varieties of koi. These are categorized by their colour, pattern and the nature of their scales. A fish's value will be determined in part by how closely its colour and patterns adhere to the ideal for its particular variety. But your appreciation of the beauty of koi may mean that you are attracted to a fish thatdoes not necessarily conform to the ideal; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all, right?We are sure that youwill have your favourite varieties of koi even before you are able to name them! Perhaps you prefer fish with complex patterns or maybe you love a particular colour. One variety to consider featuring in your collection is the Ogon but what do these fish look like?

Single Colour, Big Impact in the Pond

Ogon koi are a single solid colour with a metallic appearance. This variety is very popular, particularly with those new to keeping koi. These fish can be a variety of attractive colours. Cream specimens are rare and the most popular choices are bright yellow (Yamabuki Ogon) and Platinum (Purachina Ogon). This type of koi does not have reticulated scales. Although Ogon koi lack the decorative patterns of many other varieties they remain striking specimens and offer beauty in simplicity. They are bred in large numbers due to their popularity and so competition is fierce at shows and there are strict criteria for judging these fish. However, you may not be interested in competition but would like to include Ogon in your collection. They are a wonderful addition to the pond in that their simplicity balances the more complex patterns of other fish. Ogon are useful for contrast in the pond environment!

Purachina Ogon

This is a striking solid metallic white koi. A clear white head and unblemished white body are crucial to the quality of a Platinum Ogon in competition. The metallic-skinned Ogon is now being crossed with ginrin-scaled fish to create the gorgeous Ginrin Ogon. This has metallic skin and sparkling scales. Droitsu Purachina Ogon are a sub class which are without scales.

Yamabuki Ogon

Seen in a variety of bright yellow hues, the Yamabuki Ogon is a single, solid colour. As with other single coloured koi, an unblemished head and body are desirable traits in these fish. Yambuki koi get darker in colour as they age and so it can be hard to tell exactly what colour a young specimen will exhibit when it is older. Ginrin Yamabuki Ogon Koi and Droitsu Yambuki Ogon koi are also available. Your pond will be considerably enhanced by the addition of Ogon Koi. Their wonderful simplicity and appealing colours provide variety and contrast. Ogon koi are many keepers' favourite specimens and it isn't difficult to see why. For more information on types of koi, see our.

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