how long do koi live

Most pond keepers can expect their fish to survive for between 20 and thirty years.

The oldest known carp was a wonderful specimen called Hanako in Japan who lived to the incredible age of 226! Hanako died in 1977 and it was possible to accurately assess her age by analysing the rings on her scales. She was a beautiful scarlet koi which measured 70-cm in length. She was older than the United States! So koi can live up to 226 years but Hanako was a remarkable fish. Whilst many koi have lived to 70 years and more, Hanako's extreme longevity is far from typical.

Koi Care and the Pond Environment

In common with all creatures, a koi's lifespan will depend on the quality of their care and the nature of their environment. It is important to invest in good quality specimens for your pond and then to provide the correct diet and to ensure that the pond environment is a healthy one. Most pond keepers can expect their fish to survive for between 20 and thirty years.

Think Carefully!

The longevity of koi is certainly a consideration if you are thinking about keeping these fish. They could be with you for three decades and, with the right pond, they could live even longer. Koi represent a significant commitment and so you should think carefully before establishing a collection.

Superior Ponds

In superior ponds with the finest filtration systems and a large volume of water relative to the level of stock, the fish can live for forty years and more. Lifespans vary and will be dependent on genetics as well as the quality of the pond environment.

Koi Breeding

As with any pedigree pets such as cats and dogs, the different varieties of koi will enjoy varied lifespans. Koi thathave not been subjected to selective breeding tend to live longer than special varieties such as the Gosanke koi which may only survive for 25 years even with optimum care and the finest pond environment.

Koi in Japan

However well you care for your fish, you cannot rival the environment offered by the long-established lakes and naturally-fed mud ponds found in Japan. These are the historic home of koi and in these environments, the fish often live for 70 years and more. These fish are never subjected to cement and lined ponds and thrive in the purity of the mineral-rich spring water.

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