how to look after your goldfish

If you are thinking of buying a pet for your child, a goldfish is ideal as a first time pet. Goldfish come in many colours not just plain gold as they can have a few patches of silver or black over their body. Online pet stores keep a variety of tanks for your fish with interesting accessories to keep your fish happy. The tank you purchase should be as large as possible to help your fish grow as a small space will stop them growing. You may think your goldfish is incapable of feeling stressed, this not true. A limited space to swim in is an obvious area which would cause stress to your goldfish. Buying a large tank will give your goldfish the opportunity to come to the surface of the water to breathe. Water in a tank or aquarium will need changing every two weeks. However let the water sit overnight to let the chlorine evaporate. Pet food supplies are available for your fish including flaked food. A goldfish is an omnivore and they feed on vegetables and meat. Steamed vegetables or frozen live food can be fed to your goldfish as a treat but not as a replacement meal every day. Break up your goldfish meals by feeding then two or three times a day and do not over feed. Online pet stores have more information on the care and nutrition requirements your goldfish needs to keep them in good health.

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