japanese koi accidentally dumped on campus lawn

Japanese koi are associated with good luck and prosperity. But there wasn't a great deal of good fortune about when a consignment of koi was delivered to a Chinese University recently. Linyi University in Shandong province had been offered a donation of 13, 000 live fish by a fishery firm. The consignment of fish was duly sent to the university and included some 3, 000 koi. Unfortunately, disaster struck when the delivery was made.

Burst bag causes spillage

The fish were supposed to be released into a lake on the university campus but many of the Japanese koi didn't quite make it into the lake. A video taken on a mobile phone and posted online reveals that a worker accidently tipped a black bag containing fish downwards, causing it to burst open and deposit hundreds of Japanese koi onto a lawn. The brightly coloured fish were spread all over the grass as a crowd of students looked on. The fish were flapping around and struggling to survive whilst onlookers rushed in and started to scoop up the fish and throw them into the adjacent lake. Sadly, many of the fish didn't survive their ordeal, despite the intervention of the people who tried to help them.

Japanese Koi Killed in revenge attack

24 koi have been killed by an angry lover in a revenge attack. Ian Perkins poured five litres of cleaning fluid into his lover's pond, killing most of the fish and blinding the rest. The attack occurred following a row which broke out on a night out. The fish were his girlfriend Diane's pride and joy and were worth £10, 000. Some of the fish had belonged to Diane's father and so were of sentimental value. Following the attack, she placed the koi in a bath to try to save them but only six survived. She has described the carnage as being like a murder scene with blood oozing from the mouths and gills of the fish.

Pointless deaths

Ridiculously, Perkins killed the fish after Diane had complained about him texting from her garden and then refused to take part in a charity cycle ride. He held the bottle of cleaning fluid over the pond shouting "you're going, or else"! Perkins received a four-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months and was ordered to pay £1000 compensation for his crime. Needless to say, the killings put an end to his relationship with Diane which had lasted for 16 years. Perkins has also been instructed to seek therapy! Diane's mother was very upset about the incident and neither of the women have taken a bath since they were forced to put the bleeding koi in their tub. What a sad story! Isn't it amazing how people will do the most hurtful and destructive things for no reason at all?

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