keeping children safe around your koi pond

A koi pond is a fabulous feature for any garden, but those colourful fish will draw youngsters towards the water. Koi are undoubtedly beautiful and fascinating. Their wonderful patterns will be appealing to youngsters and attract them to a potentially dangerous situation. Even shallow water is a potential hazard and so children must be protected from falling into your pond.

The importance of supervision

Children should always be supervised when around your koi pond. Stay with them or remain close by and in view of the pond at all times. This will enable you to intervene at any given moment, should your child attempt to climb into the pond or appear to be at risk of falling into it. If you are unable to supervise your child continually, don't allow them access to the garden.

Educating youngsters

Disaster could be avoided if you explain the dangers of water to your child and insist that they only ever approach the pond when you are with them. Keep reminding them of the ground rules which should include the need to ask for permission to go anywhere near the pond. Thank them or reward them when they do ask permission to see the fish.

Explain how the pond works and then ask your child questions to ensure that they have understood. The pond will initially be an almost irresistible to your little one and a mysterious place where they will want to spend time. If you unravel the mystery for them, they may be less inclined to explore on their own.

It would be wise to establish an imaginary barrier in the garden and explain to your child that they must not pass beyond that point without you by their side. This could be a tree, bush or any highly visible feature of your outside space.

Protective measures for your koi pond

If it is difficult to keep your child away from the pond for any reason, you will have to consider protective measures in the form of physical barriers. This may not be an appealing thought, as any barriers will detract from the beauty of your pond. However, they could avert a tragedy and can be removed when your child is older.

A wire fence should stop your child from accessing the pond and will at least buy you a little time if you are unable to keep an eye on your youngsters. A simple fence is relatively inexpensive to construct and can be easily removed when it is no longer required. Alternatively, you could construct an attractive wooden fence around the pond and make a feature of it by growing plants over it. An ornamental fence will be relatively costly but could become an attractive feature of your garden in its own right.

Strong mesh pond covers are also good options and will offer the additional benefit of keeping your koi safe from predators. It is possible to construct removable covers which can be placed over the pond when your child has access to the garden.

Koi ponds can be enjoyed by the whole family but it is vital that your treasured fish don't tempt children into the water. If you already have a pond, think carefully about how to protect children from danger. If you are considering creating a pond, make safety your first priority when evolving your design.

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