keeping fancy goldfish

Fancy goldfish are becoming more widely available in aquatic shops. The term fancy goldfish is used to describe different varieties of goldfish which have unique and unusual fins, eyes and bodies. These fish can be extremely beautiful and are full of character. However, they are generally not as hardy as traditional goldfish which means they need more attention.

These fish have become available due to the increased activities of goldfish breeders using selective breeding in order to exaggerate specific traits including fancy finnage, protruding eyes and unusual body shapes. As a rule of thumb, these fish should only be kept in an aquarium due to the fact that they cannot survive outside in ponds in cold temperatures. However, it is possible to put these fish in an outside pond during Summer months.

It is important to ensure that they get enough food as they find it difficult to compete with other more nimble fish. It is usually not a good idea to mix fancy goldfish with more general varieties as they can struggle to compete for food. Furthermore, the exaggerated body shapes of some breeds of fancy goldfish can get other fish confused, mistaking them for pregnant females. This can result in them being harassed and therefore, getting stressed

Fancy goldfish require a high quality diet containing the right levels of nutrients. It is sometimes advisable to feed a sinking food so as to prevent air being taken in during feeding times.

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