looking after your pond in the summer

Ponds can be a wonderful addition to your garden in the summer. The sound of fish swimming around and looking at a beautiful pond can be really relaxing. However, there are a few challenges to overcome in the summer months when it comes to keeping your pond looking great and protecting your pond life. No one wants an algae filled, dull pond in the summer. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your pond in tip top condition for the summer.

Keep Topping Up The Water

As the summer sets in and the days become hotter, you need to keep an eye on your ponds water levels. Make sure you top up the water regularly in the summer. If you are experiencing a leak then check for cracks in your pond that may have occurred as a result of the freezing winter.

Remove Weeds & Dead Plants

Dead plants and weeds can clog up your pond and cause problems with algae. Get rid of as my dead plants and spend some time removing weeds. When taking out dead plants be careful not to throw any pondlife out with them, it's best to leave them on the side of the pond for a while so any pondlife can climb free.

Feed High Quality Food

Just because it is the summer and the weather is warmer, doesn't mean your fish need any less food. Continue feeding your fish high quality food throughout the summer and make sure you are feeding them the correct amount. Here are some top quality pond pellets you can feed your fish

Re-potting Pond Plants

Plants sometimes outgrow their baskets and also rely on them for nutrients. After a while they can loose some of their nutrients so they need to be re-potted. Re-pot some of your pond plants so that they can flourish in the summer.

Clean Equipment

The last thing you want in the summer is a dirty, algae filled pond that looks unattractive in your garden. Spring clean your pond equipment as the weather gets warmer so you can enjoy a fresh, beautiful looking pond in the summer. Fish are at their most active during the summer months and therefore they produce more waste, check all your equipment and keep it as clean as possible.

Control Light To Reduce Algae

Algae thrives on sunlight, and so it is more likely to spread quickly in the summer months when the sun is out. There are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of sunlight getting into your pond. Buy a few more plants to cover some of the surface area, try and build your pond in a slightly shaded area and place ornaments around your pond to provide more shade.

Protect From Predators

Predators will be a problem all year round but it's worth checking your protection before summer sets in. Your fish will be targeted by predators such as herons, cats, crows and foxes. You can protect your pond by covering it with netting, putting fences up around it or getting a fake heron to put other herons off.

Water Circulation & Oxygen Levels

When the weather is warmer it is important to make sure your pond has good water circulation. This will allow it to keep oxygen levels high enough.

MosquitosMosquitoes can definitely be an issue for pond owners in the summer. They can cause real problems as they lay their larvae in the water. When you build your pond make sure it is deep, large and has steep slopes. Mosquitoes prefer to breed in still water, so getting a water fountain and introducing some moving water can really help.

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