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Having a pond in your back garden can be really relaxing and add a beautiful feature to your garden. However, ponds do require a fair amount of maintenance to keep them in good condition. A pond that isn't looked after properly can look terrible. It's important to regularly treat your pond water and clean out your pond. Pond treatments can help with a variety of common issues such as blanket weed and algae. We have a wide range of pond treatments on offer to help you keep your pond healthy.

Blagdon Duck Weed Buster

works by stopping duckweed from growing and preventing it spreading. It does this by changing the chemistry of the pond water. Don't worry, this product is safe for pond life and is a natural product.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

Cloverlead Blanket Answer is simple to use and is a white powder that is added to your pond. It's a specially formulated combination of enzymes and minerals. It's also completely safe for all your pond life.

Tetrapond Algofin Plus

If you have a pond then you will understand the problems surrounding blanketweed. It clogs up your pond and gets tangled in things and is very frustrating. Algofin Plus works by preventing the blanketweed from photosynthesising. This means it can't multiply and grow.

Tetrapond Aquasafe

If you want to make tap water safe for your fish then get some Tetrapond Aquasafe. It takes away some of the things that are harmful to fish and adds some important substances that will benefit your pond life.

Tetrapond Algorem

Algae is another frustrating problem when it comes to owning a pond. You need to keep on top of the algae that builds up in your pond. Get some Tetrapond Algorem to help control algae by removing algae cells from the water column, so that they can be taken out by the filter or manually.

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