the benefits of an urban garden pond

Urban gardens can lack character and are often utilitarian spaces that do little to encourage householders to enjoy time outdoors. Busy lives mean that outside space is often neglected and the wonderful possibilities that it offers are sometimes overlooked.

Digging Holes and Pond Equipment

A garden pond will be a significant investment but one which will yield dividends over time. It is all too easy to think about digging holes and sourcing pond equipment only to consign a pond to the back burner because it looks too much like hard work. But a pond doesn't have to be a major project, it certainly doesn't have to cost the earth and it can be improved over time to create a valuable feature with many benefits.

The Music of Water

If you do decide to construct a pond then make sure that you consider treating yourself to the sound of moving water. You will need to include a pump, if your equipment doesn't already, but running water can be used to create a peaceful ambience and in an urban garden it might provide a welcome contrast urban sounds, like traffic noise, barking dogs and the neighbour's children!


Simply having a water feature will attract wildlife to your garden, bringing new life and colour to your space. Fascinating dragonflies, amphibians and butterflies are sure to visit and you may find an increase in wild birds enjoying your garden too. Water can truly transform the urban environment making it feel wonderfully vibrant and alive. There is an element of Yin and Yang, hard and soft, stone and water when it comes to a water feature inThere will always be something to see as your garden becomes a hive of activity.


Water plants bring new colour and texture to your garden. The inclusion of water opens up new opportunities for interesting planting and enables you to feature a wider variety of specimens. The appropriate planting will depend on whether your pond is in shade or sunlight, the size of the pond and its depth. However, many aquatic plants produce colourful flowers that are a true delight. You can feature flowering plants on the margins of your pond and incorporate entrancing floating lilies. In shadier areas colourful foliage is the perfect alternative to flowers which may struggle to grow. Your aquatic plants will also help to oxygenate your water and so will play their part in maintaining a healthy environment in the pond.


You choose to keep fish in your pond. The addition of goldfish or Koi will mean that your pond requires more attention but the fish add yet more life and colour and could provide an interesting hobby for you. No matter how small your garden is, it will be possible to incorporate a water feature. This will create a whole new atmosphere and a world of life and colour that will distinguish your urban space. The relaxing ambience and beauty of a pond will ensure that you spend more time in your garden and that has to be a good thing. Our properties are the biggest investments of our lives and so it makes sense to get the most out of every square inch of them!

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