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You can get a huge variety of different fish for garden ponds. However, most people tend to opt for Koi and Goldfish. You will notice that most garden ponds are full of them. Want your pond to stand out? You may want to be a bit more adventurous and choose some slightly more unusual fish. People will really notice the interesting selection of beautiful fish if you fill it with less common species of fish. Here are some more unusual UK pond fish if you fancy something other than a Goldfish or Koi.


In the wild Gudgeons often live in fast moving water. They are perfectly comfortable living in British pounds because they are a native species. Gudgeons are bottom feeding fish that can reach up to about 20cm in length. They are really good for getting rid of waste at the bottom of your pond.


There are 20 different types of Sturgeon so you can select a unique fish for your pond. They do however have very specific requirements. They get on well in ponds that are developed for Koi and require a minimum of 1000 gallons of water. They require food that has a high fish content and should be fed at regular intervals throughout the day.


Shubunkins are very similar to Goldfish but they come in a wide range of beautiful colours. Many Shubunkins will have several different colours including blue, red, grey and white. They are a good choice if you like Goldfish but want something a little different.


Tench are very calm, bottom feeding fish that can grow to around 30cm. They are an attractive golden green colour They should be fed sinking food as they are bottom dwellers and will spend most of their time towards the deeper parts of your pond.

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