why wheatgerm pond food

Our Krafty Koi wheatgerm pellets are great value and provide all pond fish with the correct levels of nutrients in a highly digestible form. Our wheatgerm pond food contains all of the ingredients required by fish during the colder autumn and winter months. During this period fish are less active and need food which won't just sit in their gut. What is wheatgerm?Wheatgerm is the extremely nourishing heart of wheat grain. It provides a high quality source of protein, which is simple to digest too. Goldfish, Koi carp and other pond fish are cold blooded. This means that their body temperature if controlled by the temperature of the water. During the summer months when water temperature is higher, fish become more active and therefore need more food. During this period they are able to digest high protein pond food. Some summer or growth pond food has protein levels in excess of 45%. However during the colder winter months when water temperatures are around 8-12°C, a fish's metabolism will slow down and they will require less protein. Our Krafty Koi wheatgerm pellets have a protein level of 28%If for example you decide to use some left over staple or growth pond food from summer feeding, the fish will not be able to digest the higher levels of protein and therefore a large amount will get excreted as ammonia. In large quantities this is toxic to your fish. To summarise, wheatgerm pond food enables pond fish to eat a diet which works in conjunction with their lower protein needs. This leads to a healthier pond with less ammonia and healthier, happier fish.

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