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Tetra Aquarium

Tetra Pleco Wafers 85G Tetra Pleco Wafers 85G
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Tetra PlecoWafers for plecostomus and all algae and plant eating fish. Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs and natural feeding requirements of plecostomus catfish and other herbivorous fish. Remains stable in the water for long periods to allow catfish to graze naturally. Easy to eat, resulting in minimal waste and uneaten food. Enriched with vitamins and essential nutrients for exc…
Tetra Prima 75G Tetra Prima 75G
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Many fish, such as barbs, cichlids, angelfish, and discus, prefer to feed from food in the water column, rather than from the surface. TetraPrima provides these fish with all of their nutritional requirements, and is especially good at bringing out the colours in fish such as discus. TetraPrima is also an excellent food for bottom feeding fish, and can be particularly useful where a large number o…
Tetrafin 100Gm Tetrafin 100Gm
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TetraFin was the first flake food to be developed specifically for the nutritional needs of goldfish, and today is still the most nutrionally advanced food of its kind. TetraFin supplies goldfish with all of their nutritional needs, using only the highest quality ingredients and most advanced flaking technology, in a format that is easily digested, resulting in very little waste and maximum gain f…
Tetrafin Holiday Food 2*12G Tetrafin Holiday Food 2*12G
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TetraFin Holiday Food. Provides 2 weeks nutrition - Patented gel-based formula containing only natural & 100% edible ingredients:. Daphnia. Added vitamins. Active Formula for health and resistance. Maintains excellent fish condition. Does not affect water hardness like traditional, plaster-based holiday foods. Two food blocks, 12g each.
Tetramin Holiday Food 30Gm Tetramin Holiday Food 30Gm
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Holiday food for all tropical fish, provides healthy nutrition for up to 14 days.Patented gel-based formula containing only natural & 100% edible ingredients:. Daphnia. Added vitamins and minerals. Active Formula for health and resistance.Does not cloud or pollute the water.Easy to feed.
Tetramin Tropical Flake 100G Tetramin Tropical Flake 100G
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Tetra Aquarium Products

As you may well know, at Krafty Koi we stock a great range of Tetra pond products for the garden, but what you might not know is that we also have an impressive selection of Tetra aquarium products too.

Tetra have been dedicated to the production of fine products for ornamental fish-keeping for over 65 years. Their amassed knowledge, experience and distribution are un-matched in today's market. Tetra continue to build-upon and develop new products using biologists, chemists and nutritionists so that hobbyists and pet-owners have access to premium quality aquarium products to care and provide for the distinct requirements of their fish.

Tetra Tropical Fish Foods

Amongst our range of Tetra products we have the perfect selection of tropical fish foods on hand. TetraPrima is formulated as complete fish food and weighted so as to be perfect for mid-water and bottom-feeding tropical fish. TetraMin tropical fish flakes are also a popular choice with fish keepers and at Krafty Koi we also offer the TetraMin Holiday food version. This variety is designed to feed tropical fish for up to 14 days and has a range of additional benefits, including being 100% natural and having 100% edible ingredients, it will also not cloud the water whilst you are away.

Tetra Aquarium Goldfish Foods

Do you keep Goldfish in your aquarium? No doubt you've seen Tetra foods before, even if you haven't yet used them. At Krafty Koi we have a range of Goldfish food including TetraFin Goldfish flakes and TetraFin Holiday food. Like TetraMin Holiday, TetraFin Holiday can provide up to 14 days of feeding for your fish whilst you are away from home.

Our Range of Tetra Aquarium Fish Foods

Our range of Tetra products includes a great selection of competitively priced Tetra aquarium fish food designed specifically for and suited to different species or types of species. Whether you have a coldwater tank for Goldfish or keep tropical species instead, we have the right Tetra products here for you today at Krafty Koi.


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