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Pond Thermometers

Superfish Pond Thermometer Superfish Pond Thermometer
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Superfish Solar Pond Thermometer Superfish Solar Pond Thermometer
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SuperFish Solar Pond Thermometer 669015 Superfish Solar Pond Thermometer Solar powered pond thermometer

Pond Thermometers

At Krafty Koi you will discover everything you need to take care of your fish. It is vital that you maintain a healthy environment in your pond and naturally you will need a pond thermometer in order to monitor water temperature.

Pond thermometers enable you to keep track of the water temperature in your pond so that you can feed your fish correctly. The dietary needs of koi change with the water temperature. In addition, If the water is too cold or too hot you will encounter issues that must be dealt with. Koi prefer a temperature range of 48°F-84°F. If the water becomes too hot, oxygen levels can drop to dangerous levels and increased aeration will be required. You may also find that medications can only safely be administered at certain water temperatures.

It is best to start a log of your water temperatures. This will help you to understand the usual seasonal fluctuations, how quickly your water heats up or cools down when the weather changes and what is normal for your pond. You will then be able to spot abnormalities before they threaten your fish.

Our range features the pond thermometers that you need to monitor your pond water. Drawn from the SuperFish collection, they will deliver reliable readings and represent excellent value for money.


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