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Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinator FC-12

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Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinator FC-12

The Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinator is a quick and simple method of filtering our harmfu chlorine and other impurities from tap water.The FC-12 treats up to 225000 litres.

Recommended flow rate 4 ltr/minute.

Attaching the In-Line De-Toxifier to your water connection, couldn't be easier. It is ready to use straight from the box. Using the fittings included, attach to the hose pipe and it will treat the water, filtering out a host of harmful elements including chlorine, chloramine, bromine and many more.

This cuts out measuring, dosing and messy treatments, and ensures that the water in your pond is 100% before it reaches its destination.

Key Features:

No messy cartridge changes - just unclip and replace.

Highest grade activated carbon.

100% fish safe.

Extremely high toxin removal rate.

Simple to use - straight out of the box.

Extremely economical - lowest cost per gallon of water treated.

Clean and 'no hassle' water changes via hose.

Can be used on a constant trickle feed.

ideal for first fills.

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