Pettex Floating Mini Pond Sticks 1kg

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Pettex Floating Mini Pond Sticks 1kg

Pettex Mini Sticks are an ideal feed for smaller fish and young to help aid digestion.

A high quality pond food suitable for all Coldwater fish including Koi, Orfe, Carp, Goldfish and many other species.

The highly digestible and balanced formulation gives your fish the full and complete diet they require.

Alternatively this food can be used for all varieties of aquarium kept Coldwater fish.

Formulated with the best ingredients for a palatable feed your fish will love whilst stimulating better health and growth.

Pettex Mini Sticks are a low waste formula to help keep water cleaner.


Soya, dehulled, extracted, toasted; Wheat middlings; Sunflower seed, extracted; Fish Oil; Fish meal. Contains, preservatives and antioxidants (E324 Ethoxyquin- 100mg)(E321 Butylated Hydroxytoluene-50mg). Nutritional Additives/Kg: Vitamin A 10,000iu, Vitamin D3 1,000iu, Vitamin E 200mg, Vitamin C (Stable) 150mg, Trace Elements: Iron, Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate 75mg/kg; Iodine, Calcium iodate, anhydrous 5mg/kg; Cobalt, Cobaltous carbonate, monohydrate 1.0mg/kg; Copper, Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 5mg/kg; Manganese, manganic oxide 20mg/kg; Zinc, Zinc sulphate, monohydrate 80mg/kg; Selenium, sodium selenite 0.3mg/kg. Additives: Crude Protein - 30.0%, Crude Oils and Fats - 5.0%, Crude Fibres - 5.0%, Crude Ash - 6.3%, Phosphorus - 0.9%

Feeding Guide (approx/day):

Feed you fish two or three times daily, feed as much as can be consumed within a few minutes. Fish will feed more freely in warm weather and may be fed until satisfied. It is advisable not to feed your fish once the water temperature falls below 10c (50f) due to the natural slowing of their metabolisms.

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