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A new kind of car pool

A little research will reveal all the advice you need to create a koi pond for your home. As we have explained on this blog, size matters and it is important to ensure that you can maintain good water quality.

Most people choose to build their koi pond using bricks or cement but one enthusiast has taken the unusual step of using a car!

A car! Who knew?

The car pool of County Durham

Andy Tate of Consett, County Durham has spent 10 months converting an old Nissan Micra into an amazing fish tank. He should know what his fish need in terms of a home, as Andy works for a pet shop. He has built over 1000 fish tanks for himself and other people and has now created an impressively original model which has hit the headlines.

The unique tank now holds koi, goldfish, perch and shubunkin. Andy started the project last summer, backed by donations of equipment and services from local companies, including the old car.

"It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but have no idea why. People just think I’m crackers."

Stunning passers-by

People have been stunned when they have seen the completed tank and haven’t quite known what to make of it. The local bin men stopped to take photographs and the tank even features LED lighting and so is something of a landmark at night.

Obsessive Andy

Andy admits that he has been obsessed with fish since his parents started taking him to aquatic shops when he was just 4 years-old. He received his first tank when he was 12 and was told that he couldn’t have anything bigger until he had his own house to put it in. He now has that house and a very large tank!

YouTube channel

RCH Property Maintenance provided fibreglass and expanding foam and graffiti artist Dan Walls, spray painted the car to great effect. Andy had contacted local businesses asking for support in return for publicity on his YouTube channel. Most people thought he was crazy but he did receive the support he needed and has turned a seemingly crazy plan into a reality.

Andy has joked that some firms may have given him what he wanted in the hope that he would go away! He runs his YouTube Channel called in his spare time. This offers advice about keeping fish and making fish tanks and ponds. His Nissan Micra tank is now the star of the show but he is concerned about leaving the tank on display outside his house in case vandals smash a window.

New looks for an amazing tank

Not content with his work on the tank so far, Andy intends to give it a few different looks over the coming months such as adding skeletons for Halloween.

The car pool is a unique idea which is attracting a great deal of attention. Have you created or seen an unusual koi pond or fish tank? Do let us know if you have.


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