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Award-winning game honours koi

If you love your koi, you will enjoy playing Koi, an award-winning puzzle . Boasting a relaxing feel and stunning colours, the game is both challenging and captivating.

Koi follows a charming fish who must remain determined if he is to return to his owner. The feisty fish is living in an uncertain world in which ponds and rivers are polluted. Flowers won’t grow and the tainted water harbours black fish predators.

The lone koi fish is separated from his owner and must navigate the murky waters beneath the surface in a layered story with quests that include collecting items and searching for the wise Old Toad. The fish is on a mission to purify the waters which have been ruined by mankind. Now, that sounds like a dose of reality rather than just a game!

Eight stages and a relaxing experience

There are eight stages to complete in the video game. You will quickly find yourself immersed in the story of the lotus pond and the wonderful soundtrack enhances your experience. You can steer the koi past obstacles and then solve puzzles. Your success will enhance the cleansing of the water. You can open flowers and release light fish along the way to restore the ecosystem.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was that simple to restore the environment in the real world?

High definition and peaceful

The high definition visuals impress throughout and this award-winning game is truly unique. Offering a refreshing change from games focussing on violence, destruction and war, Koi is pure escapism and promotes mindfulness.

Winner of the Modian Playstation Developer Competition in China in 2015, the game has since been released for the PS4 and PS Vita. It also holds the honour of being the first PS4 game developed entirely in China.

Koi board game

If video gaming isn’t really your thing, how about a ? The Koi board game centres around a tranquil koi pond which you can enhance courtesy of the natural beauty cards you are able to collect as you play.

This game of strategy sees you adding lily pads, cherry blossoms and frogs to the pond as you use movement cards to navigate your way around. You must try to gobble up as many insects as you can find along the way. Blocking your opponent’s path with stones means you can reach a meal before they do and there are event cards included which will impact your strategy as they change the prevailing weather conditions.

The game comes to end after seven virtual days and the best-fed fish is the winner. You should also try playing the game in solo mode where you will be pitting your wits against an AI opponent featuring different difficulty settings.

Offering elegant graphics and a colourful look, this board game boasts a pleasing feel and would be an excellent gift for any koi enthusiast. There is a growing interest in the beauty of koi and this is now being reflected in new games which are certainly worth exploring.


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