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Big Bob the Giant Goldfish

People buy puppies all the time and then find that their cute little bundle of fluff grows into something the size of a horse. It's not unusual to see the same happen with snakes too. A baby Burmese python isn't much bigger than a garden worm but the adults are a whole different matter. With all of these surprises in mind, you would think that you would be pretty safe with a pet goldfish, though. It does help if you know what size your new pet is likely to grow to and with most goldfish you are talking about a couple of inches but not in the case of Big Bob.

Four Tanks and Still Growing

Anne Cooper purchased a pair of goldfish from a pet store in Scarborough. Both fish were an inch long at the time, but 'Big Bob' just kept on growing. He has outgrown four tanks in three years and so could be the most expensive goldfish in Britain. Currently he is now measuring a foot long and still appears to be growing! The other fish is still a manageable 2 inches long. The fish have remained together and have been treated in the same way and so Bob's enormous stature is something of a mystery.

Meet Big Bob, the giant goldfish who won't stop growing

The Sun (@TheSun)

Koi Treats

If a goldfish can unexpectedly get to a foot then what would you end up with if you experienced the same phenomenon with a Koi? Too many Koi treats and you could end up with a fish the size of a whale in your pond! Can goldfish and Koi suffer from Prader-Willi syndrome I wonder? This is a condition in humans in which the sufferer never feels full, no matter how much they eat. If this were the case you might have fish jumping out of their ponds and raiding the Koi treats when your back was turned.. If this really were a case of Prader-Willi syndrome it's probably likely it would result in obesity rather than abnormal length though.

Seeing Red

Big Bob's issues are not confined to his size alone. Ms Cooper reports that he scares her cats by thrashing about in the water and that he hates the colour red. He has even been known to charge the glass of his tank if shown something red. Bizarre! A fish that thinks he's a bull perhaps? Big Bob demands to be fed at least twice each day and his favourite treat is garden peas. If he doesn't get his peas on time he apparently thrashes about so much that he flings water right out of the tank. If there was ever a goldfish with attitude, Big Bob would be it.

Perfect Peas

Big Bob clearly has it in his mind that anything small and round is likely to be a pea because he once flew into a rage when Ms Cooper's son left a packet of Skittles sweets next to the tank. Over time his tantrums have paid off for him but also led to a bit of overfeeding, meaning that he is now quite fat for a fish. Perhaps Big Bob does have Prader-Willi, so his size may not be such a mystery after all, who knows!
Big Bob has now outgrown his latest tank and at this rate Ms Cooper will have to install a swimming pool. It just goes to show that you never know how your pet is going to end up growing, even if you have only purchased a goldfish..


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