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Koi Carp in the News

It's a sad fact that Koi carp rarely make headlines on the television news broadcasts but that doesn't mean that nothing interesting has happened of course! Here's a round-up of the some of the latest Koi news stories.

Koi Deaths as Water Drains Away

If you take good care of your Koi then they will thrive. Koi food and Koi treats are a must as is good water quality. You will run into problems, though, if your pond water drains away.

Carp worth hundreds of pounds were discovered dead this month in a hidden beauty spot in the centre of Milton Keynes. There are some scenic ponds which usually feature Koi but recent visitors were horrified to discover that the pond water had drained away and that the beautiful Koi were lying dead. Some smaller fish were struggling to survive in the few puddles of water that remained. It appears that in this case the water pump that maintains the ponds' water level had been switched off. The incident was reported to the RSPCA.

Herpesvirus Disease Outbreak Confirmed

This week an outbreak of KHV disease was confirmed at Brockamin Fisheries in Leigh, Hereford & Worcestershire. This disease has no adverse implications for human health but is a serious viral disease of fish and must be notified. This disease affects all species of carp including ornamental Koi and unfortunately has a high mortality rate.
Symptoms of KHV disease include white patches on the gills, rough patches of skin, mucous and sunken eyes. The symptoms usually become evident when the water temperature is between 16 and 24 degrees.
Naturally the fishery is now subject to statutory controls to prevent or limit the spread of the disease. The movement of fish to, from and within the fishery complex is prohibited. Fishery equipment disinfection and movement control measures are now in place and anglers visiting the site must ensure that they comply with all biosecurity measures.

An Unlikely Friend

You might expect your Koi to pop up to see you if you are offering Koi treats or a meal but perhaps not necessarily to greet a visiting dog! However, Frank the Koi is very fond Daisy the dog and the two regularly greet each other with a kiss. Daisy wanders over to the pond and then waits for Frank to swim up to her. These two animals have a special and highly unusual bond. It is a good job that Daisy isn't a cat or Frank might find himself in trouble!

At Krafty Koi we like to keep you up to date with any interesting stories that make the news. Do you have a curious tale or news worthy story that we haven't covered? If so then let us know.


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