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Koi stolen from Yorkshire pond

These days people will steal anything if they think there could be a few quid to be had and that includes your fish! To make matters worse, those targeting koi can be well-organised and efficient. Your fish can disappear without you sensing anything is wrong and that is exactly what happened to David Hobson.

Bedbound enthusiast loses entire collection

David Hobson is 74 years old and bedbound. He had built up an impressive collection of koi over 30 years and more. His family grew up with the fish and they were his pride and joy. David’s collection featured 35 koi worth between £25,000 and £30,000 but they have all been stolen.

Garden pond raided

The fish were taken from a pond in Mr Hobson’s back garden in Baildon, Yorkshire. Thieves took all of the koi specimens, leaving only a couple of goldfish and two mirror carp behind. The house wasn’t broken into and so the thieves had clearly targeted the fish and must have known they were there.

A great hobby for a man in pain

David had become a keen fish keeper as he suffers from arthritis. The pain caused by his condition prevented him from engaging in many activities but he could manage looking after the fish. Unfortunately, he recently suffered a stroke but his family have helped to keep the pond well-maintained and to care for the koi.

The koi boasted a mixture of colours and patterns and the collection was impressive. Following news of the theft, fellow enthusiasts posted expressions of sympathy on social media and some even offered David specimens from their own collections to replace the missing fish.

Protective net removed and replaced

David’s koi had been covered by a net which had been attached to the pond to prevent birds attacking the fish. The net had been unfastened, pulled back and replaced over the water during the theft, all without anyone in the house hearing a thing.

Will the fish survive?

Looking out of the window at the fish had been an enormous comfort to David who had become bedridden after the stroke. He had invested many hours in building the pond and 30 years nurturing the collection. He built everything from scratch, but all of his fish disappeared in just one night. He couldn’t believe that they had been stolen and is concerned that the trauma of being removed might kill them.

Pond security

If you have a koi pond, what can you do to prevent your fish from being stolen? In practice, it is very difficult to stop a determined thief. Obviously, locked gates are a must and it is best if your collection isn’t common knowledge. You should install floodlights with motion sensors as these may deter some intruders and if you can afford them, security cameras would be a good investment. Cameras may not deter all thieves but they might make it possible to identify them after the fact.


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