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Unfortunate landing in a koi pond

Koi keepers have many challenges to overcome. They will spend a great deal of time constructing their pond and creating the right pond environment. They will tackle poor water quality and might be the victims of unscrupulous thieves attempting to steel their fish.

Local wildlife may have to be deterred from eating treasured fish and koi can become ill with a number of conditions which need treating. But koi keepers don’t generally have to deal with a person falling out of the sky into their pond!

Camberwell skydiver

Residents of Camberwell, London were recently shocked to see a parachutist appear to fall from the sky out of control. People tried to work out where the man had landed and to find out if he was OK. They had seen the man with his red parachute falling but had no idea who he was, why he was in the air or if he was still alive. Many took to social media appealing for further information. The appeals were seen by the parachutist’s ex-neighbour who was able to provide something of an explanation.

Plummet into koi pond

It turned out that the parachutist had fallen into a small to medium-sized koi pond. The pond belonged to a local breeder who was in the middle of a breeding programme. He was extremely shocked when a complete stranger dropped out of the sky and into his pond.

The unfortunate man concerned, now known to be called Andy, is evidently given to jumping from fixed wing aircraft in order to take sunset pictures of the capital’s skyline. He usually lands on his own property but missed his target spectacularly on this occasion.

Sunset photographer

His ex-neighbour later explained that Andy likes to take pictures the old-fashioned way. In other words, by using a 35mm camera, rather than a body cam, which he operates by hand. As he spends much of his descents adjusting the camera and taking pictures, he often looks as if he is out of control. Which, in fact, he clearly was when he fell into the pond.

The daring photographer injured his leg when he landed in the pond and probably also his pride. His much-loved camera was destroyed in the fall and his friend has asked if he could be notified of any cameras for sale which could be suitable replacements.

Mystery man

Despite the activity on social media Andy, the mysterious parachutist, has remained silent on the matter. Perhaps he is embarrassed about the incident. There has been no further comment from the koi breeder either and so it is not known whether any harm came to his fish. They certainly got the surprise of their lives!

We can only suggest that Andy starts taking pictures of koi or anything else at sea level. It would be much safer and the koi breeder would undoubtedly appreciate some great images of his stock.
They say that lightening doesn’t strike twice, but we can’t help thinking that the breeder probably looks up now, every time he inspects his pond!


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