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Which Pond Pump?

A pump is a crucial addition to ponds large and small and to any water feature. A pump brings life to your pond or feature, plays an important role in maintaining a healthy environment and creates that wonderful sound of flowing water that so many of us enjoy. Pumps circulate and aerate the water and drive water to the filtration system. So we know for sure that you need a pump for your pond or water feature but which one do you choose? - there's certainly a lot of options available to you.

Feature Pumps

A feature pump falls into the group of small pumps, which have been designed for use with smaller independent and ornamental water features. These should not be used in ponds as the prefilters are unsuitable. Most feature pumps are supplied with a selection of fountain attachments but you should check that your chosen model is compatible with your particular water feature. Solar powered feature pumps are now available if you wish to minimise your energy usage.

Fountain and Waterfall Pumps

This pump type is designed to operate waterfalls and fountains and they are usually supplied with a variety of fountain jets. A prefilter is often included to reduce maintenance. These pumps are ideal for smaller ponds and will power the fountain whilst circulating the water. The prefilter catches small debris and prevents it from blocking the fountain's jets. However, it will not trap larger debris and so fountain pumps are not a good choice for larger ponds and ponds that are stocked with fish.

Solids Handling Filter Pumps

Solids Handling pumps are constructed to handle larger debris and are the best choice for larger ponds. These pond pumps require minimal maintenance and will power waterfalls whilst circulating and aerating the water. These pumps are not suitable for operating fountains so if your pond features a fountain you will need to install a secondary pump.
Solids Handling pond pumps can be submersible or external. Larger ponds may require an external pump capable of processing larger volumes of water.


You must select a suitable pump appropriate for the size of your pond. In order to do this you should first calculate the volume of water in your pond. The pump should be capable of turning over half of the water in your pond each hour. In other word if you have a 5,000 litre pond the pump must be able to turn over 2,500 litres per hour.

Choosing the right pond pump can be a daunting task for a beginner. If you are unsure as to which is the right equipment for your particular set-up then seek expert advice, otherwise you run the risk of wasting your hard earned cash on a pump that will turn out to be inappropriate for your needs. An investment in equipment that is too modest for your pond is a false economy and could have knock on consequences such as resulting in you losing your fish. Koi carp in particular require a clean and oxygenated environment and so the right pond pump is essential to maintaining the health of your stock.


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