Tetra Pond Flakes: 800g

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Tetra Pond Flakes 4 Litre / 800g

Tetra Pond Flake is a complete and nutritionally advanced flake food for all pond fish. It contains protein levels to encourage growth in smaller fish, and has all of the essential nutrients needed for health, colour and condition. In addition, it is highly digestible, resulting in very little waste and maximum nutrition for your fish.

How it Works

TetraPond Flake is made using the most advanced flaking techniqies available. This means that the flakes are soft and easy to eat, yet remain stable in the water.

How to Use

Feed TetraPond Flake 3 - 4 times a day, depending on the weather, only offering as much food as your fish consume within a few minutes. TetraPond flake can be fed for most of the year, provided the temperature is above 10C.

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