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Api Ammonia Test Strips

Api Ammonia Test Strips

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API Ammonia Test Strips are the perfect solution for quickly and accurately testing the presence of ammonia in both fresh and salt water aquariums. Ammonia is the leading cause of fish death"," and even small amounts can cause stress to your fish. Fish release ammonia through their gills"," urine and solid waste"," and uneaten food and decaying organic matter can also add ammonia to the water. The API Test Strips measure ammonia levels between 0 and 6ppm and come in a desiccant-lined tube with a snap-tight cap for maximum moisture protection. Simply 'Dip and Read' the test strip against the colour charts for a precise result. The API Ammonia Test Strips also provide guidance on how to correct unsafe water conditions if levels of ammonia are found. Buy now from our ecommerce website for a fast and easy way to keep your aquarium safe and healthy.

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