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Colombo Gh Plus

Colombo Gh Plus

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Colombo GH+ is an ideal solution for increasing the total hardness of pond water. Total hardness"," or GH"," is the measurement of the total amount of dissolved minerals within the pond water"," mainly consisting of Calcium. An ideal GH-value should be between 10 and 15°DH for the health and growth of fish and plants. Colombo GH+ is available in 1Ltr"," 2.5Ltr"," 5Ltr and 15Ltr sizes and can treat 7","000"," 17","500"," 35","000 and 105","000 litres respectively. To use"," dilute the required amount in a bucket or watering can with lukewarm water and add to pond. Dosage is 1 Measuring spoon (=15 ml) per 200 litres of pond water"," which increases the GH value by 2°DH. Never poor directly onto plants. Test water quality at least once a month and correct if necessary.

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