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Colombo Pond Care Balantex

Colombo Pond Care Balantex

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Colombo Balantex is the perfect solution for maintaining the correct mineral balance in your pond water. It helps to keep the total hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) at the right level"," while also providing 18 different minerals and vitamins to strengthen the health of your fish. To get the best results"," use Colombo GH+ and/or KH+ to bring the values to the right level"," and then use Colombo Balantex to stabilize them. The starting dose is 1 scoop (15ml) per 500 liters of pond water for 5 days"," followed by a maintenance dose of 1 scoop per 1","000 liters of water per week. Make sure to dilute the required amount in a bucket or watering can with lukewarm water"," and never pour directly on the plants. Colombo Balantex is only suitable for ornamental ponds"," and should be kept in a container and out of the reach of children between 4 and 32ºC.

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