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Juwel Amorax Ammonium Removal Sponge

Juwel Amorax Ammonium Removal Sponge

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Juwel Aquarium Sponges are a range of cleaning products designed to fit the 3 different Juwel Bioflow Filtersystems: Compact (Bioflow 3.0)"," Standard (Bioflow 6.0) and Jumbo (Bioflow 8.0). Juwel also offers charcoal filters to absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds"," leaving the water in your aquarium crystal clear. Additionally"," Juwel fine filter sponges are used for the biological filtering of your aquarium in the an aerobic zone"," while course filter sponges serve for the mechanical and biological filtering of your aquarium. Finally"," Juwel Nitrax is a biological filter medium to break nitrates down in your aquarium"," reducing the growth of algae and promoting the vitality of your plants and fish.

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