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Tetra Pond Test Strip 6-In-1

Tetra Pond Test Strip 6-In-1

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The Tetra Pond Test 6 in 1 Water Test Kit is a simple and easy to use dip test that provides an instant indication of the water quality of your pond. This test kit is perfect for situations where time is limited or frequent testing is necessary"," such as in new pond set ups. It tests for 6 essential water quality parameters in less than 60 seconds"," including pH"," Nitrite (NO2)"," Nitrate (NO3)"," KH (Carbonate Hardness)"," GH (General Hardness) and Chlorine (CL2). To use"," simply dip the test strip into the pond water for a few seconds"," and then wait a minute for it to change colour. Compare the colours to the chart on the pack to get your readings. Good water quality is essential for healthy fish and a trouble-free fish keeping"," so we recommend testing every 2-3 days in new ponds"," and once a week in established ponds. Additionally"," the test kit is compatible with the Tetra Digital Water Test App"," available for most smart phones and tablets. Download the free app to get suggested products based on your test results.

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