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Tetra Test Algaecontrol 3-In-1

Tetra Test Algaecontrol 3-In-1

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To ensure that algae growth is prevented in ponds and aquariums"," the water parameters should be tested regularly. Tetra Test AlgaeControl 3in1 is the perfect tool to measure nitrate and phosphate levels. This makes it easy to keep track of the most important algae parameters and successfully prevent algae growth in your pond and aquarium. The Tetra Test AlgaeControl 3in1 also measures Carbonate Hardness"," as this water parameter is essential for maintaining stable water conditions and preventing a sudden decrease in acidity. To use the Tetra Test AlgaeControl 3in1"," simply dip it into the water"," swirl it around for one to two seconds. In just 60 seconds"," you can read off the most important information about the water parameters nitrate"," phosphate and carbonate hardness without shaking off excess water. The colour chart can be used to determine if these are within the safe range or if an increase or a reduction is needed.

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