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Tetra Test O2

Tetra Test O2

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The Tetra Test Oxygen Water Test Kit is an easy-to-use testing kit for measuring oxygen (O2) levels in freshwater aquariums"," marine aquariums"," and ponds. This kit provides readings between 2 mg/l and 14 mg/l. Oxygen is essential for all aquatic life"," including fish"," plants"," and filter bacteria. With this test kit"," you can determine if it's time to add more aeration to the water using an air pump or other method. Low oxygen levels can be fatal for fish"," and can also cause biological filtration to stop working"," leading to water quality issues. The Tetra Test Oxygen Water Test Kit is a liquid kit that works by changing the color of a water sample in relation to the oxygen concentration. To use it"," compare the color of the sample to the included color chart to determine the oxygen level. It's best to test oxygen levels in the morning"," when they are usually lowest. Tetra recommends testing oxygen levels every 2-3 weeks"," or more often during hot weather. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use. This test kit is also compatible with the Tetra Digital Water Test App"," available for most smartphones and tablets. Once you have tested the water"," the app will suggest the appropriate product. Visit to download the free app!

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